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Care of Canvas

How do I care for my Canvas Transfer? A canvas transfer surface may be cleaned occasionally with a slightly dampened sponge, wiping the surface gently. Do not use cleaning agents or soap, which may cause damage. Transfers are vulnerable to heat processing and could be ruined or fade through different types of heat exposure. Your canvas transfer should not be placed in direct sunlight. This type of exposure will cause fading over time. What is a print on canvas? The print on canvas option allows you to select an image from your personal digital files and print it on to high quality canvas. Prints on canvas are water resistant, require no glazing and can be stretched using either a museum or gallery wrap. The maximum size for printing on canvas is the Massive size at 44 x 60 inches (104 UI). However, the the maximum size for a print on canvas to be stretched is the Grande size at 36 x 48 inches (82 UI) due to shipping constraints. What is Gallery Wrap? Gallery wraps are a streamlined, contemporary way to display art on canvas. The canvas is folded over the edge of a wooden stretcher frame and is attached to the back. The picture flows cleanly around, covering the sides. When the art is hung, it presents a continuous display of the image, uninterrupted by a white margin or side staples. Float frames can also be used with gallery wraps to add an extra element of sophistication. What is Museum Wrap? Museum Wraps are a standard way to present art on canvas. Only a small amount of the art folds over the edge and the sides are left white, maximizing the image presentation for framing. Museum Wraps look best when paired with a standard or float frame. What is a Canvas Transfer? Canvas Transfers allow you to select a print and transfer the image onto canvas so that it resembles an original painting. You can choose to keep the canvas smooth or you can enhance the final piece with custom brushstrokes to add texture. Brushstrokes follow the contours of painted lines to create the illusion of being an actual painting. Photographic art looks best without embellishment, while posters made from images of paintings look best with the added texture of brushstrokes. Choose from our broad selection of museum art to customize the perfect piece for your décor! How is a Canvas Transfer made? Canvas transfers are a great way to affordably transform prints on paper into works of art on canvas. The print is coated with a special film that bonds the image. The resulting ink film is then carefully separated from the paper and transferred onto a high quality canvas. The laminate film is water resistant and offers maximum UV protection. Transfers are stretched over bars in the same fashion as an original painting. You can also choose to add brushstrokes to the transfer. Brushstrokes are applied to the canvas and follow the contour of painted lines in the poster image. Photographic art looks best without embellishment, while posters made from images of paintings look best with the additional texture of brushstrokes.
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