Eric Thorsen

Eric Thorsen was born in Glasgow, MT in 1967 to an American serviceman and a French citizen. Raised in this multi-cultural home, Eric’s philosophies of sculpture were shaped at an early age. Trips Abroad with his mother introduced Eric to a world filled with art and history that would mold his outlook on life.

Eric started by carving fish in wood. In the beginning of his career at 24 he won Best in World with his wood sculpture called “Mystery of the Redd”. Soon after he was introduced to clay and the real excitement began. He soon began producing literally hundreds of sculptures.

Eric Thorsen’s sculptures are featured worldwide in publications and TV. Major corporations, celebrities and private collectors enthusiastically collect his work. Sales of his sculptures has generated millions of dollars in contributions to numerous non profit organizations.

Eric’s sculptures are diverse, but are often focused on human and animal forms. His photographic imagination is his source for his inspiration.

We sell most of Eric’s work directly to collectors, giving us us a personal communication with our clients.

Eric’s work is highly acclaimed, winning him awards and honors nationwide.

Eric achieved international acclaim, winning numerous international and national awards. He holds memberships to prestigious groups throughout the art world. He frequently returns to Europe drawing from this as a source of inspiration.

CM Russel Auction AwardSociety of Animal Artists AwardCarl E Akeley Award