Pre-Cast Prices
New sculptures are offered at an introductory price called “Pre-Cast” pricing. You are purchasing a finished limted editon bronze sculpture based on the clay image. The finished bronze is colored “Patinaed” and may have optional wood base depending on if it is offered with the finished bronze.

What is a Gicl�e
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* What is a Gicl�e
A giclee is an individually produced, high resolution print with rich color from a digital source using a sophisticated ink-jet printer. Giclees use inkjet technology that is far more sophisticated than a desktop printer. This method of printing produce prints of the highest quality on many kinds of professional media such as a matte paper or canvas. Gicl�e prints are durable and long lasting. The result is a print that is superior to traditional lithography prints. In comparing them to other media, they fall somewhere between original art and traditional limited edition lithographs.

Canvas or Matte Gicl�e
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– What is a Gicl�e
Gicl�es can be printed on many types of media. The most common are matte paper, gloss paper or canvas desinged for long life and rich color. Most commonly used papers are matte. This allows the print to be framed with glass and reduces glare as compared to a glossy paper. Gicl�es printed on canvas offer a rich texture found on art canvases. Typically canvases are not framed in glass so that the texture of the canvas adds to the look and feel of the print.

Gift Cards vs Note Cards
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– What is a Gicl�e
Our note cards are 3 x 5. The giftcards we offer are 5 x 7. Both notecards and Giftcards include an envelope.

How are prints shipped
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– What is a Gicl�e
All prints are professionally packaged in shipping tubes.
Each print in rolled in shipping paper that is cut longer than the print to protect the print’s rolled egdes. Tissue is then placed in the ends of the tube to protect the print from damage.
Please do not store your prints in the shipping tubes for long term since the tube and paper are not acid free. We ship via priority mail or fed ex ground free.

We have a large library of scanned and digitally modeled 3d sculptures.
Our models can be enlarged or reduced to any size. The process starts with a clay model and ends with a traditional mold used to cast bronze or resin. The quality far surpasses traditional hand pointing methods, all details are captured exactly as they were originally sculpted.

• Please inquire about enlargements or reduction of sculptures. Also we license digital files for 1 time or multiple use.

• Some of the file formats we often work with are Wavefront OBJ, .STL, Maya MB

• We offer both exclusive, and non-exclusive rights models; giving you the choice of full ownership or a cost effective alternative. In terms of what types of models you can request there is no limit,

• Our digital models are created using a highly advanced and accurate 3D digitizing system to reproduce any of Eric’s original clay sculptures.

• Eric also sculpts models digitally using sophisticated software that emulates sculpting in clay.

Public Installations
Nike Campus

Norwalk City Civic Center, Norwalk, CA

Boca Grande Community Center, Boca Grande, FL

Washington Park Zoo, Michigan City, Indiana

Cameron Park and Zoological and Botanical Sciences. Waco, TX

Lowes Hardware, La Quinta, CA

Lowes Hardware, CA

Great Northern Town Center, Helena,MT

Library Polson, MT

Benefice Healthcare Foundation, Great Falls, MT

McAuthor State Park, North Miami Beach. Florida

Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Trail, Helena, MT