Gabrielle has been organizing and contacting local organizations in need (Hospitals, Postal Workers, Retirement homes, Dental and other Healthcare workers) to donate both 3D printed masks and hand-sewn masks. Her efforts have been outstanding.  She has organized a group of 30 stitchers and other students as well as schools with 3D printers to produce 3dprinted masks as well. Four 3D printers were brought over from Swan River Elementary to support her efforts!  We are shipping PPE materials all over the country!

In addition to Gabrielle’s Eagle project, Our family, Cyndy (Scoutmaster 1916) and Madelaine (Bear Cub Scout pack 4923) have been running all our 3D printing machines we use in our business 24 hours non-stop since the end of March and going down to the shop at 3:00 a.m. to keep the production up 24 hours a day, including Madelaine.  We are managing in total fourteen 3D printers are running at our Gallery to print masks and face shields, producing 30 per day.  They take around 6 hours each to print.  We’ve been designing and improving PPE items that can be 3D printed.  Madelaine programs and runs the printers and Cyndy creates instructional materials on how to use the PPE equipment, researches filter materials, receives supplies, packages, and ships the masks.

We’ve designed the 3D printed mask, face shield and face mask support that we are producing using CAD software.  The design and prototype aspect took 2 weeks alone.  It’s definitely no small task and our family has focused on this full time since the end of March.  We’ve been receiving donations of materials to keep the printers running.

You can see updates of Gabrielle’s Eagle project on Troop 1916 Facebook @BSATroop1916 page and our family efforts on our website https://www.ericthorsengallery.com/mask-assembly/.

3d PPE equipment we are producing

We are printing 2 mask styles.

  • The first mask style is the Montana mask using a 1.5″ x 1.5″ filter made of either cut up N95masks or medical grade filter material. See the end of the article for suppliers of filter materials.
  • The second mask style “Thorsen’ is designed with a larger filter area and a cover to add additional materials.

3D Printed PLA Thorsen Mask kit

  • Three parts 3D printed in PLA 

Not included in this kit

  • Self-adhesive weather seal material  5/16” “D” profile
  • Elastic cord ¼” width or fabric straps
  • Filter material cut into 3.75-inch x 3.5-inch squares.  Filiti.com  is one possible place you can order filter material.

**Caution:  Do not use fiberglass filters for any mask 

Preparation & Assembly

  1. Sand edges that touch your face with 200+grit sandpaper
  2. Apply 5/16” weather seal “D” profile to the inside edge of the mask.  A second layer can be added across the nose area for extra comfort.
  3. Secure elastic cord to points on PLA mask and adjust for comfort.


  • This is a reusable mask, but should not be used by more than one person.
  • Clean mask before and after each period of use. Change filters often.
  • A mask can be cleaned by soap and water.
    Additional disinfection may be achieved by following the guidelines at this link. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK214361/     Use Good hygiene by washing hands before and after removing masks as well as when changing filters is recommended.

The funds are being used to print masks donated to our local medical and nursing centers.  They are assembling the masks themselves as well.

Here is a link to an article I read about the effectiveness of various materials for filtering.  https://smartairfilters.com/en/blog/diy-homemade-mask-protect-virus-coronavirus/?fbclid=IwAR3VaPQHKnlk7QopwEEFLEO2vTgMf_y9WyiOaKCP__KiZQz9G9Z5uz_xW30  

Since this is just the reusable shell, you will need to source a safe filter material.    If you find better material, let me know! Here some options of filter materials to order.  Take a look at the product specs or speak to the representatives to make sure it works for your needs.  Do not ever use fiberglass filter material!  

  1. Flowmark HighTech 406-652-6200. Attached is the order form for the filter for the Montana mask from www.makethemasks.com . They will custom cut filters for the second style of the mask we are making for you that needs a larger filter  3.75” x 3.5” min order is 10.00
  2. The second type of filter material is from www.filti.com You will have to custom cut the squares. https://filti.com/product/filti-face-mask-material/?attribute_size=21sq+ft+-+50-80+masks
  3. Miele Type U AirClean FilterBags, S7000-S7999 Upright, 4 Bag and Filter
  4. This may also work: cut surgical masks into  3.75” x 3.5” rectangles. One n95 surgical mask will make at least 4 filters with surgical protection. 

Thanks again!