New Jewelry piece

Got a little behind my posting with the busy summer season here in the gallery.  Here’s a little frog pin we just started making in bronze.

Park Display Application

Eric Thorsen Sculpture Park Booth APPLICATION FORM FILL OUT A SEPARATE APPLICATION FOR EACH CATEGORY ENTERED. THIS FORM MAY BE REPRODUCED FOR ADDITIONAL CATEGORIES OF ARTISTS. PRINT NAME ________________________________________________ ADDRESS_______________________________________________ CITY, STATE, ZIP ________________________________________ PHONE ______________________FAX____________________________ EMAIL_____________________________________________________ Reserve _____ Space(s) at $50 Per Space per day, plus $15 non-refundable jury fee.   Total Enclosed $… Read more »

Favorite Anatomy Books

Modelling and Sculpting the Human Figure, Edouard Lanteri ISBN 0-486-25006-7  


Eric Thorsen Eric Thorsen Born October 6, 1967 Nationality American, French Field Sculpture Medium bronze, wood, clay ”’Eric Thorsen”’ (1967 – present) is an United States American sculptor, best known for his public monuments and works of art in bronze and wood. ==Awards== People’s Choice 2003, Best Sculpture, C.M. Russell Show C. M. Russell Museum… Read more »

Bronze Frog Sculpture by Eric Thorsen

Bronze Frog Sculpture by Eric Thorsen

After the battle Painting by Eric Thorsen

“After the Battle” painting by Eric Thorsen —Like most artists, Eric Thorsen is an avid reader.  Since a young boy he has been fascinated by the ancient Greek history.  The battle of Thermopylae is one moment in time he has been inspired to re-create a scene from the aftermath. His painting illustrates Ravens on the… Read more »

Frog – Wildlife Bronze Sculpture

Frog – Bronze Sculpture

Ammonite Recreations

Eric has spent the last couple weeks creating these reconstructions of ancient ammonite fossils.