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Dinner or Dessert



These 2 cubs are getting an education. A mother grizzly teaches her cubs where to find the best lunches. It is a bronze beautiful sculpture telling the story of the mother bear teaching her cubs to catch fish.  In the back side of the dead tree is a honey hive.  After fishing she will introduce them to the sweet treat!

“A salmon is delicious and this is how you catch it.”

The second cub peers over Mom’s shoulder, clinging to a tree. Little does this one know that the sweetest dessert is being made just below a rear paw inside the hollow of the tree. Mom will likely show them both how to enjoy this tasty treat after the main course.

Ltd. edition 75.  size 13″ w x 9″ d x 15″H  Turntable included in the walnut base.

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Dimensions 13 × 9 × 15 in


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